Solve my puzzle to win a prize!!

1. Favorite color, passion
2. Lived here in 2014
3. It's a fruit but many people thinks it's a vegetable
4. You get more for your money with this candy bar
5. Favorite x men character
6. You think that's air you're breathing?
7. Favorite martial artist
8. Favorite big cat, roam alone
9. Hansel, he's so hot right now
10. Favorite ninja turtle
11. Did I do thattttt?
12. Name of first dog, B
13. Favorite soda, green
14. Favorite dessert served with cherries
15. My first professional modeling campaign, beer
16. Bacardi originated here
17. My favorite anime character
18. Get to the Chopper
19. First tv show in my career
20. My favorite power ranger
21. He is nothing without ernie
22. Saiyans get this after a near death experience in battle
23. Are you pondering what i'm pondering?